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Automobile Club de l’Ouest (A.C.O.) : Les 24 Heures du Mans

L’A.C.O. organise chaque année depuis 1923 les 24 Heures du Mans. Le rendez-vous annuel incontournable dans le monde des courses automobiles. Contexte  Le site web des 24 Heures du Mans (lemans.org) connaît des variations de trafic particulièrement importantes. Le site connait des pics de charge aux alentours des différentes courses (24 Heures du Mans, 24 Heures Motos, etc…), tandis que le trafic est beaucoup moins important en dehors des périodes événementielles. L’A.C.O. était confronté à deux problèmes majeurs liés à son infrastructure : – Un problème de montée en charge de son infrastructure lors des 24 Heures du Mans dû […]

Online Bank

Abstract & customer challenges Our fintech client is an online bank which wanted to provide disruptive services to its customers. The use cases are to implement: a datalake to collect and aggregate data from various sources; a merchant reward program to generate a cashback reward for the user; a next best offer program to identify most relevant offers for a given customer based on its current location; a personal financial management to provide end users personalized coaching; a fraud detection on any incoming transaction with near-real-time manner; business analytics to monitor the bank activity. Devoteam G Cloud designed the architecture […]

Food tray Recognition

  Abstract With almost one million meals cooked every day for companies, our customer is one of the french leaders in company restaurants. Devoted to innovation, this company improves continuously its offer and services. They have a dedicated team in charge of experiment new use cases for restaurants : ergonomics, flows of work and guests, decoration and arrangement for an optimal development of the services. Customer Challenges One of the biggest challenge to improve the user experience at their restaurants is to fast the waiting time at the checkout cashier. On traditional way of working, the cashier needs to type […]

Auchan Retail – FRANCE – Projet NEST

  Abstract & customer challenges: Auchan now manages more than 280 000 users on its G Suite platform. More than 500 users are created or suspended each day. Keeping Google Groups up-to-date in this context is a real challenge. The Google groups are used to easily exchange information between employees from the same country, the same store or the same department. 12,000 groups are maintained on the G Suite Auchan platform. Their management represents more than 80% of the administration activities. Auchan Google Groups are used across all Google services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, TeamDrive, Google+ communities). Many of these groups […]


    Comptant parmi les 5 enseignes alimentaires mondiales les plus internationalisées, présente dans 17 pays, Auchan Retail réunit tous les formats du commerce alimentaire avec 3 778 points de vente sous enseignes (hypermarchés, superstore, supermarchés et ultra-proximité), augmentés par le e-commerce et le drive dans certains pays. 35ème employeur mondial, l’entreprise compte 351 107 collaborateurs. Dans le cadre de sa Vision 2025, Auchan Retail souhaite : Fournir une identité numérique forte à tous ses collaborateurs Transformer la culture et les usages du collaboratif Assurer une adoption rapide de G Suite L’accompagnement de Devoteam G Cloud se décline en quatre […]