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Restaurant locator with Google Maps

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Restaurant locator with Google Maps

Publié le : 5 octobre 2018


A fast food restaurant chain was using the ViaMichelin service on its website, in order to provide a restaurant locator to its users. Initially based on ViaMichelin technology, without any geolocation capabilities, the restaurant locator was no longer adapted to users needs, always looking for more content, details and functionalities. Moreover, to better meet the increasingly prominent use of mobile devices, the project included the redesign of iOS/Android mobile apps, which would also benefit of the new infrastructure.

Customer challenges

One of the major challenge of the project, was to provide a robust and scalable infrastructure, that could absorb a large amount of traffic, especially before lunch and diner time. In addition, the customer wanted to implement an user-friendly interface, with geolocation capabilities, to easily find the nearest open restaurants, and the best itinerary to reach them. Finally, the backoffice should implement a live update system, to edit in real-time restaurants details, such as opening hours.


Thanks to Google App Engine scalability, Devoteam G Cloud was able to design an infrastructure that could meet the fast food restaurant chain’s needs, in term of performance and user traffic. By implementing the Google Maps services, the new restaurant locator could provide user geolocation, itineraries, address completion and real time traffic.


  • 120,000+ requests/day for the nearest restaurants web-service
  • + 1000 restaurants

Implemented GCP Services

  • Google App Engine
  • Google Search API
  • Google Maps
  • Google Compute Engine