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Online Bank

Online Bank

Publié le : 31 octobre 2018

Abstract & customer challenges

Our fintech client is an online bank which wanted to provide disruptive services to its customers. The use cases are to implement:

  • a datalake to collect and aggregate data from various sources;

  • a merchant reward program to generate a cashback reward for the user;

  • a next best offer program to identify most relevant offers for a given customer based on its current location;

  • a personal financial management to provide end users personalized coaching;

  • a fraud detection on any incoming transaction with near-real-time manner;

  • business analytics to monitor the bank activity.

Devoteam G Cloud designed the architecture and help the customer to implement, automate and scale the use cases with Google Cloud Platform.


  • Data easily accessible by external users and support analytical queries;

  • Allow CRUD operations, ACID transactions and strong consistency and horizontal scaling;

  • Data manipulated through a REST API;

  • Real-time lapses <100ms for fraud detection;

  • Data storage allow querying from commercial BI solutions as Tableau.

Implemented GCP Services

  • Cloud Kubernetes Engine

  • Cloud Storage

  • Cloud BigQuery

  • Cloud Spanner

  • Cloud Pub/sub

  • Cloud Dataflow

  • Cloud VPN