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A major retailer is going further with G Suite

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A major retailer is going further with G Suite

Publié le : 5 octobre 2018

Abstract & customer challenges

Our customer now manages more than 280 000 users on its G Suite platform. More than 500 users are created or suspended each day. Keeping Google Groups up-to-date in this context is a real challenge.

The Google groups are used to easily exchange information between employees from the same country, the same store or the same department.

12,000 groups are maintained on the G Suite customer’s platform. Their management represents more than 80% of the administration activities. Google Groups are used across all Google services (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, TeamDrive, Google+ communities).

Many of these groups could be transformed into dynamic groups, greatly reducing their management workload by administrators.


Devoteam G Cloud developed a web application for managing Google Groups. The solution is a specific application developed on the Google Cloud Platform environment. This solution is fully integrated with G Suite and allows continuous maintenance of Google groups based on a set of criteria specified for each group declared in the application. These criteria are based on user attributes present in the G Suite directory. Those are the main features:

      • Groups are updated on the fly whenever a user is created, deleted or updated (watch API)
      • Daily integrity checks to ensure errors recovery
      • Massive import to create or update several groups through an import file
      • Ability to suspend / reactivate a dynamic group
      • Ability to scale according to the number of requests

Implemented GCP Services

  • Google App Engine
  • Google CloudSQL
  • Google TaskQueue
  • Google IAM